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Company Profile

When it comes to high quality ceramic mold punch machines and diamond polishing/grinding machines, Zibo TXJ Ceramic Machinery is your ideal choice. Established in 2000, we now have 2 branches: one for ceramic mold products and another for diamond polishing and grinding products. As a large enterprise specializing the production of ceramic molds and ceramic machinery, we are situated in an ideal location at Xinglong Industrial Park in Chengnan Town of the Zhangdian District in China. We are continuously striving to learn more about the use of advanced technology, and utilize skills learned both at home and abroad to enhance our ability to meet every customer needs. We make use of innovative skills, as well as a dedication to quality in order to become the top supplier to internationally known companies such as Sacmi Press Machine Company and LiTai Press Machine Company, supporting their uses of mold assemblies and ceramic fittings.

Our mold branch currently employs 135 people, including multiple senior experts and technicians with a wealth of knowledge in terms of product technology development. We are also a leader in the ceramic mold industry in northern China, with numerous sets of equipment and testing instruments, as well as an annual production of more than 1,000 sets of ceramic press machine molds and more than 20,000 pieces for the press punches. We have also earned quality certifications, according to IS9001, CE and other industry standard certifications.

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  • Company Profile

We also place a great deal of emphasis on developing an international market. That means our products have been shipped to the Middle East as well as Southeast Asian countries. We have earned widespread praise and approval, especially in the form of long term cooperations with international partners, providing high quality products and outstanding after sales services. Some of our domestic partners include:
1. Guangdong Monalisa Ceramics Co., Ltd
2. Guangxi Jinmen Ceramics Co., Ltd.
3. Nanyang Henan Yirui Ceramics Co., Ltd.
4. Linyi Shandong Aoda Building materials Co., Ltd.

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    Mould department
    Contacts Person: Amanda
    Mob: +86-15953342896
    E-mail: amanda@txjmould.com

    Polishing line products department
    Contacts Person: Alex
    Mob: +86-13561619955
    E-mail: alex@txjmould.com