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Our Advantages

1. We make use of 3 of the world's most advanced CNC machining centers, allowing us to produce and process numerous complex and high precision molds for ceramic production lines.
2. We have the largest high precision grinder in Asia, which can process work pieces in a size of 2-3 meters.
3. We have an independent research and development team, enabling us to provide designs and manufacturing needs for specially shaped ceramic tiles.
4. Our products are widely used by major companies, both at home and abroad, and have been certified to numerous standards.
5. We have been awarded numerous patents for new technology involving isostatic pressing and other full exhaust punches.
6. We integrate a strong technical strength in our service team in order to provide technical services to our international customers.
7. We will also provide customers with a new set of product processing and production schematics, including the manufacturing and processing of a variety of large molds and specialized shape molds.

  • Our Advantages
  • Our Advantages
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    Mould department
    Contacts Person: Amanda
    Mob: +86-15953342896
    E-mail: amanda@txjmould.com

    Polishing line products department
    Contacts Person: Alex
    Mob: +86-13561619955
    E-mail: alex@txjmould.com