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Service and Technical Support

We employ a specialized technical research and development team that is able to provide professional and all-encompassing technical services, from pre-sales to after-sales services.

Service and Technical Support

We offer on-site services according to the customer's needs. Our technicians can visit your factory for data collection, question answering, and on-line inspection to figure out solutions.

During Sales Service
Before production begins, our professional design team will offer custom made design concepts in order to maximize the productivity and benefits of all molds. This ensures that all ceramic tiles made using our molds have the best flatness, bending strength and molding effect, satisfying the customer. During this period, we will keep in close contact with the customer to ensure we meet all of their requirements. We are dedicated to providing suitable, customized products for every customer, no matter where they are from. In addition, during the processing and production process, staff will be assigned to supervise each procedure. Once any problems are found, the supervisor will adjust the time and control production quality to ensure there are no defects.

After-Sales Service
When putting the molds into service, we offer on-site technical guidance for installation and commissioning. We will also provide warranty services, providing compensation in the event of quality problems in order to solve customer worries.

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